We design projects for comprehensive work centers. A majority of these combine sub-processes to cover a sequential manufacturing process. They tend to be assembly centers that include additional tasks-marking, pressing, welding, cutting, screwing, measuring, and more. We take the sheer variety of these devices as an enjoyable challenge. We can definitely cover the entire scope needed for your project.

An example of equipment deployed by DESSEQ:

An assembly line for demanding plastic-component assemblies

Step-by-step assemblage of several types of assemblies.
A reconfigurable line wherein individual jigs are swapped in and out for the production of different components.
Each assembly is put together step by step, followed by a final check of the entire assembly.

Manufacturing Lines

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Our work is all about designing processes and structures to serve your needs while seeking out new functionalities.


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We're a reliable partner. We know that the need for our services doesn't end at project handover.


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We craft our machines very precisely. That means using only verified components from renowned manufacturers.