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Equipment for Checking and Measuring

We propose suitable measuring components for use in measuring and checking stations. We specialize in:

  • inspection cameras
  • 2D and 3D profile scanners
  • laser measuring sensors
  • ultrasound thickness gauges
  • leak-test equipment
  • videoscopes-and much more.

We design combined work centers for final assemblage. We supply equipment and devices-individually or as a part of the assembly process-that check assembly completeness, conformance with type requirements, components per package, on-box documentation requirements, etc. If you work in automotive, you're aware that the rules here are uncompromising, and failure to comply with them leads to high penalties.

We design, manufacture, and supply measuring and cubing jigs, working standards, special gauges, and inspection gauges to fit your needs, including measurement logging.

Equipment for Checking and Measuring

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Our work is all about designing processes and structures to serve your needs while seeking out new functionalities.


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We're a reliable partner. We know that the need for our services doesn't end at project handover.


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We craft our machines very precisely. That means using only verified components from renowned manufacturers.