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Assembly and Handling Equipment

We are integrators for the handling technologies offered in our specialized suppliers' catalogs. Additionally, we design our own solutions whenever a project's specific needs require it. That means:

  • conveyors, transfer boxes,
  • multi-axis manipulators,
  • vibrating feeders,
  • end-of-arm tooling (EOAT) for removing parts from molds-placement of inserts into molds,
  • palletization/depalletization equipment.

As a part of our daily work, we plan and design equipment for clipping, clasping, crimping, and labeling-label applicators, pressing, insulation adhesion, and more.

An example of equipment deployed by DESSEQ:

Handler for aluminum semi-finished goods, including their depalletization and placement onto the line

Overall X-axis transversal-18 m; telescoping Y axis.
Supplying of semi-finished goods at the input points for two forming lines with a takt of less than 30 s at each input point.
Micro-percussion marking of semi-finished goods before they enter the line based on information read in from packaging.
Depalletization including removal from special boxes-the project included the drafting of an automation-friendly box design.
Box handling on a mechanically driven roller conveyor.

Assembly and Handling Equipment

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