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  • High Quality and Strong Functionality

    We also insist on consistently maintaining high quality and producing durable equipment at every phase of a project. Our main focus is on supplying equipment that does what's needed and does so reliably.

  • We’re a Part of Your Future

    We're always aiming to provide a little something more. Just meeting today's needs isn't enough for us. We strive for long-term partnerships that will help your company to achieve its goals.

  • At Your Side Throughout the Life Cycle

    We're not just an ordinary manufacturer-we're a long-term partner. Project handover is far from the end of our commitment. Warranty and post-warranty servicing and remote diagnostics are integral parts of that commitment as well. Our signature on the servicing contract is your guarantee of a timely response by a technician with real-world industrial experience.

  • We Do the Projects That Sound Impossible

    Our beginnings lay in difficult projects that brought no small risks during their execution. But that didn't scare us out of other risky projects later on. Quite the opposite, in fact. Our technical skills have only grown, and we've gained experience that we continue to pass on and put to work. We take our own steps to discover new paths and solutions. And we're not about to stop. We see challenges where the rest see showstoppers.

  • An Independent Company With Its Own Team

    We're independent in every phase of project execution. We have our own stable teams for structural design and for planning electrical systems, and our own developers as well. We develop and test equipment and components. All this lets us produce even very demanding equipment. And naturally we give everyday equipment the necessary care and attention as well.


Vibratory feeders for robotic picking

UNIFEEDER™ - universal vibratory feeders ensure balanced mass conveyance and picking of small parts of any shape. They are suitable wherever even the smallest components need to be conveyed and positioned flexibly, quickly, precisely and safely.

Don’t Abandon Machines to Their Fates

Perhaps someday in the near or far future, machines and equipment will govern us. But right now it's time to take full governance of your machines and automate your existing manufacturing processes.


A Flawless Technical Solution

Our work is all about designing processes and structures to serve your needs while seeking out new functionalities.


Not Just a Manufacturer
We’re a Long-term Partner

We're a reliable partner. We know that the need for our services doesn't end at project handover.


High-quality Project Deliveries

We craft our machines very precisely. That means using only verified components from renowned manufacturers.

  • Assembly Line

    Assembling the cover for an air conditioning unit

    FANUC is a brand that's at the very top of its field. Here three camera-equipped six-axis robots from FANUC are cooperating in one cell to assemble the cover for an air conditioning unit.

  • Mobile Injection Mold Platform

    Relocatable Platform

    This robotic work center for an injection mold takes care of several processes-from start-to-finish product handling using a six-axis robot, through laser marking with assistance from a validation camera, to deburring, injection molding, and cooling.

  • Precise and flexible checking

    Precise and flexible optical dimensional inspection with 2D scanner

    A 2D laser scanner connected with a collaborative robot or other positioning device inside the DESSEQ EOL box provides a smart solution for precise optical inspection of complex parts. It enables an universal inspection workstation solution with minimal cost and time savings compared to developing conventional specific single-purpose equipment.

  • Placing Inserts into an Injection Mold

    Robotic Work Center

    Here a six-axis robot from FANUC and a SCARA robot from OMRON are helping with the preparation and placement of inserts into an injection mold. The degree of precision with which each insert is laid onto the mold's mandrels is very important.

  • Assembly and Handling Equipment