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Robotic workplaces

We develop, design, implement, and deploy robotic work centers. Industrial robots are used more and more often for automating individual processes. They can be highly flexible, and their numerous features make them adaptable to any specific integration job. They have a strong role to play not only in manufacturing lines, but also in measurement and output-checking processes. They provide access to intelligent software solutions that protect people, tools, and the robots themselves.

In our plant, we are constantly striving to automate our production processes. This project, implemented in cooperation with DESSEQ, is one proof of that. This supplier fully met all of our equipment requirements. We thus could eliminate monotonous manual labour, meet our own obligations towards customers and supply them with high-quality components.”
Roman Šmíd, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Daiho Czech

Assembly Line

Mobile Injection Mold Platform

Placing Inserts into an Injection Mold

AIVs and AGVs