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Don’t Abandon Machines to Their Fates

The future is only slightly predictable. The present is easier to perceive. Automating manufacturing processes and equipment is a modern and often highly efficient solution.

Here at DESSEQ, we focus on processes that are primarily based on manual labor. We supplement them with drives and sensor technology along with PLC-based control. We supply manufacturing halls with industrial robots and electrical distribution boards for machines and production lines.

We understand SQL databases and perform HMI visualizations. We work with SCADA systems that monitor processes and can also be used for controlling them. Our tools enable you to monitor and manage machines and keep your processes under control.

Don’t Abandon Machines to Their Fates

A Flawless Technical Solution

Our work is all about designing processes and structures to serve your needs while seeking out new functionalities.


Not Just a Manufacturer
We’re a Long-term Partner

We're a reliable partner. We know that the need for our services doesn't end at project handover.


High-quality Project Deliveries

We craft our machines very precisely. That means using only verified components from renowned manufacturers.